Experts at supplying skills

Ework is a specialist on quickly finding the right consultant for every assignment – and the right solution for the consultancy need of every client. We act as procurement department of consultancy services, manage consultants without frame  agreements, appoint individual consultants and deliver consultant management systems. And we follow our clients to new geographical areas. Our main strengths include our independence and the fact that we don’t employ any consultants. This means that we can choose freely among our enormous network of consultants and match person and project based on a combination of knowledge, skills, ability and motivation. At the same time, we set a business standard for price and quality.

Ework helps companies achieve their full potential

A technical revolution has changed our way of living, working and doing business. In a world facing increased competition requiring fewer permanent employees, Ework helps companies and consultants to achieve their full potential. In order to succeed, Ework is committed at being near-at-hand to its clients. The motivation is to get to know their needs. Understand their challenges. And help them fulfil their potential. .

Entering new markets

The year saw Ework open offices  in Stavanger, Århus and Sundsvall, while continuing its expansion with Gdynia and Wroclaw in Poland. Although these locations may seem different in terms of their focus on industry and businesses, they have one crucial thing in common; they are characterised by a growing business community that is currently witnessing a digital transformation. And Ework is  there to respond to the needs for competence.
With happy clients and partners in Poland,  Bartek Kwiatkowski said: “The candidates we get from Ework are always spot-on. Ework is responsive to our needs, which saves us  a lot of time in our selection process”. Bartek Kwiatkowski is responsible for allocating consultants in Poland for SDC, formerly Sparekassernes Datacentraler. SDC is a common digital banking solution servicing over 120 Nordic banks and financial institutions. It is also the largest client to date for Ework in Poland.