How AI is affecting our future

Creating content, limit the amount of reputative chores and making businesses more effective. 
The list of ways AI is affecting our future is long. And since the launch of Chat GPT, AI has been on everybody’s mind. 

The buzz in society the last few months has been Chat GPT, a chatbot from OpenAI. Chat GPT is not the first available chatbot that uses AI to create content, however it is one of the first available to the mainstream that creates content that looks like it could have been created by people. 

This brings us to the relevant question of how this will affect us in the near future. Are chatbots replacing us at work, will students continue to draft their own papers and what about copyright and sources?  

In an article in Spiceworks they asked a number of experts how AI would affect the future and what industries that would be mostly affected. All of them were pretty sure that AI would have a great impact in the future on many levels however they were not in total agreement on what industries that would be disrupted first but in general they thought that early adopters in different industries could benefit in the future. The reason is because when used smart AI can make our life easier and make some businesses more efficient by taking over highly repetitive work assignments. However, when we depend only on AI and replace the human workforce it can get tricky. Because even though Chat GPT can create great articles and texts you need to make sure that the texts have the tone of voice you desire, and that it is based on the sources you feel comfortable with otherwise you might find that you and your company will contribute to the rise of fake news and then of course there is the question of copyright. The rise of chatbots has also raised some moral problems like when students use them to complete assignments for school. 

How smart is Chat GPT? 

So how smart is Chat GPT? To demonstrate this, we asked the chatbot a question about how AI will change the future of business and here is the answer in five bullets. 

How will AI change the future of business?  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to greatly impact the future of business. Some of the ways AI is likely to change business in the future include: 

  1. Automation of repetitive tasks, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. 
  2. Improved decision-making through data analysis and machine learning. 
  3. Personalized experiences for customers through the use of chatbots and personalized recommendations. 
  4. Development of new products and services through AI-powered innovation. 
  5. Increased competitiveness through the use of AI to gain a competitive advantage. 

However, AI will also bring challenges and ethical considerations, such as job displacement, privacy concerns and biased AI systems. Companies will need to be proactive in addressing these issues to reap the full benefits of AI. 

Replaces writers 

So, it is clear how writers and content creators might feel threatened by AI. Some journalism platforms like Cnet have actually been using chatbots to create content for a while and just last month Buzzfeed announced that they will use a tool from OpenAI to create content and materials for quiz and make AI a part of their core business.  

A fact that the market responded very well to Buzzfeed’s stock price surge 157% on the news, according to an article in the guardian.

Even though the companies still have human editors that are proofreading and factchecking, the incorporation of AI in the business will most likely mean they will need less labor to keep the efficiency of the company. 

Many areas 

Even though writers/ content creators and reporters might be the group that most of us think of when it comes to being replaced at work, they are far from the only workgroup affected by AI. There are many areas where you could benefit by using AI and machine learning to decrease repetitive assignments. Filling in excel sheets, translating words to text, creating extracts from written texts and so on. 

Have a significant impact on the future 

Just like computers, cellphones, the car and electricity once changed the future and the future of companies around the world, AI will for sure have an impact on our future. The challenge is to use it in an effective way. To know which areas you should incorporate AI and in what areas human experts or how we need to reskill the workforce so that we can work together with AI more efficiently. According to Forbe’s; World Economic Forum, estimates that by 2025, close to 100 million jobs may emerge that are more adapted to the new division of labor between humans, machines, and algorithms. And that is only one way that AI will affect the future. 

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