Pawel Maj is Ework’s consultant of the quarter

Here at Ework we want to celebrate all the amazing consultants we have in our big network. That is why we are bringing back our award “Consultant of the quarter” where we four times a year awards one consultant that works on an assignment for us. The first one to get this award is our consultant Pawel Maj in Poland

How long have you been a consultant? How long with Ework? 

 I have been a consultant since January 2022. Ework was my first choice. Previously I was working as a Office Manager in a Polish company.  

Why do you choose to find assignments at Ework? 

I have decided to continue my career in a corporation whit a company that takes care of people and their development. Ework was the obvious choice as company with Scandinavian culture of working. 

What do you consider the greatest advantages of being a consultant? 

 Being a consultant gives you the possibility to develop in attractive ways. Show your effectiveness and attitude and become visible from a wider perspective. 

If it were not for the IT industry, where do you think you would be now and what would you be doing? 

I was always finding myself as a person dedicated to working with others. As a part of a team, as a supporter or as a leader. Every business need someone to guide others. If not in IT, I would be seeking for something in PR or soft HR.