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In April, Ework Group Finland took part in Turkuawakens event in Turku, Finland. Event was organized by a tech company Qalmari, offering senior-level technology expertise. This was the second time that Turkuawakens was held and you could really feel the genuine sense of working towards common goal and how everyone wanted to succeed together. Already hundred expert companies are part of boosting the IT scene in the Turku region. Qalmari has been involved in building Turku's IT community and we wanted to ask them a few questions about Turkuawakens:

Would you like to clarify the core idea behind Turkuawakens to Ework network and customers?

The core idea and goal of the #turkuawakens community is to make Turku visible in the Finnish IT scene and create a strong collaborative culture . We bring together various IT companies in the region and wish to channel larger projects there than anyone could on their own. At the same time, we develop the region and make sure specialists are committed to Turku. In addition to 100 companies, the #turkuawakens community has attracted the City of Turku and the University of Turku to join the collaboration.  

Where did the idea come from?

Qalmari has always believed in doing together and partnerships. We have over 20 years of experience within IT, but wider collaboration between companies in the Turku region has not been very active in the past. In 2019, we decided to see if collaboration would take off and create more opportunities and new business in the region. The first event was indeed a very positive surprise. We reached the target number of participants in a few days, so the time was ripe for collaboration. Already starting from the first event, the common spirit has been amazingly good, and we intend to keep it that way.

The event really had a sense of community. Has it produced any concrete actions already? What kind?

Since the beginning, the idea behind #turkuawakens events has been to work together and to get new ideas through interesting contributions. The participants identified local problems and areas of development, but the corona interrupted the initial drive. The next step based on past events is to start achieving concrete results on the jointly identified themes: growth, collaboration and visibility. Previous work together has already generated business for individual companies and small-scale alliances. In the future, the idea is to focus on and drive forward even larger projects and customer partnerships. 

When can we expect next #turkuawakens event?

In September 2023! You should put it in your calendar now and follow the #turkuawakens channel on LinkedIn to keep up-to-date!

What kind of message would you like to send to Ework partner network and clients?

Turku has now built a network of 100 top expert companies, this means hundreds of specialists, which can also be used for larger-scale projects. You can reach us easily through Ework, for example. Feel free to contact us so that we can see what kind of skills  we can put together for your projects!

A network within network

Ework has its own large network of partners and professionals, but you can also have a community within our network such as Turkuawakens. We want to remind both our partners and our customers that our network is an open, organic ecosystem that changes according to market needs. We want to create the best environment for our professionals and the customers who need their expertise, and we believe in the power of the network. Would you like to work together with us? Contact us so we can see what we can do together!

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