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    TechSverige Report: Sweden Faces Shortage of 18,000 Tech Professionals Annually

    Sweden has a shortage in its tech talent pool, with an annual deficit of 18,000 professionals between 2024-2028, according to a report from TechSverige.

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    The labor market of the future is here– and there is room for everyone

    The labor market is evolving. The classic form of employment has found competition, and people are now choosing to be freelancers, gig workers, or consultants.

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    Study shows: Here are the jobs most at risk due to ChatGPT

    A study from Open AI and the University of Pennsylvania shows what jobs are at risk due to Chat GPT and other GPT:s  See jobs are at risk- and the "safe"

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    Closing the skills gap by reskilling the world

    Re-skilling revolution, an initiative from World Economic Forum, is about closing the skills gap through better education and opportunities.

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    Money and flexible hours — top reasons for choosing life as a freelancer

    Money and flexible hours top reasons for choosing life as a freelancer, new report from No Fluff Jobs and Ework.

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    The future labor market

    Within five years, 45 per cent of the workforce is expected to be working as freelancers and two-thirds of all managers will  be allocating assignments online.

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    A Historic Opportunity

    There is now a historic opportunity to implement reforms that are good within the Future of Work (FoW).

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    "Time and space are not conditions in which we live, but modes by which we think."

    Future digital trends suggest that remote work will increase in the years ahead.

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