Study shows: Here are the jobs most at risk due to ChatGPT

A study from Open AI and the University of Pennsylvania shows what jobs are most at risk due to the rise of Chat GPT and other GPT:s  
And it is not only writers that are in danger of being replaced by AI. The list includes a lot of different jobs like mathematicians, blockchain engineers and accountants. 

AI and Chat GPT has been on everybody's mind the last few months. The impact on society is clear, and soon AI will likely have a big impact on the labor market. A new study by Open AI, Open Research, and the University of Pennsylvania titled “GPTs are GPTs: An Early Look at the Labor Market Impact Potential of Large Language Models” took a deep dive in to the job market and to what jobs that might potentially be lost due to technological revolution of Chat GPT and AI. 

Many jobs at risk due to CHATGPT 

In the study it’s clear that many jobs are at risk of disappearing or changing with the rise of Chat GPT:s. Many of them are jobs that could be expected like writing, translating, and doing campaigns but there are quite a few other jobs that might be more unexpected. According to the study higher paying jobs are more likely to be automated by AI than lower paying jobs. Especially jobs that require proficiency in programing and writing. Jobs like web and digital interface designers, tax preparers, writers, authors, mathematicians and blockchain engineers are therefore at highest risk to be replaced by AI. 

And some jobs that are “safe” 

On the other hand, there are jobs that are “safer”. Jobs requiring scientific and critical thinking are less likely to be replaced by AI and more physical ones. A carpenter, athlete, cook or mechanic don’t need to be afraid that AI will steal their job, at least not soon. 

Even though skills like writing and coding are at elevated risk for being replaced by AI that does not mean that the jobs that coders and writers have today will disappear altogether. Newspapers will still need people to check facts, produce the content ideas etc. In the same way you need an engineer to ask the prompt for AI on how it should create code and for what. What it will mean is that people need to be prepared to study more and to make sure to upskill and reskill over the years. Taking courses and certifications to show that they have relevant skills for the future. 

In an article in Mint, The CEO of Open AI said that Chat GPT will for sure put a lot of jobs at risk but at the same time it will create a lot of new jobs that we cannot even imagine today. 

Read the study here.