4 advantages of working for an independent talent provider


1. There's always an assignment

As a newly employed professional, you always have projects to work with. A talent provider offers a safer environment, especially for new consultants, as you will always have colleagues or a manager you can speak to. 

2. Support from senior colleagues

Another big advantage of working with a consultant supplier is that you will often be able to work together with slightly more experienced consultants when out on an assignment, and learn from them. They may have worked for the same client for a long period, and often have experience of similar jobs or the same sector. It may be reassuring to get help from someone with a little more knowledge and experience, especially if you are relatively new as a consultant.

3. Secure paid employment from the start

Perhaps the main advantage of working with a consultant supplier is that your employment is secure - and accompanied by a steady income! Instead of a consultant's fee, you receive a salary from the Consultant company from day one. Regardless of the assignment, you simply report back the hours you have worked and the company takes care of invoicing to the client. Having a fixed point to rely on is something many new consultants prize, especially if you come from a similar environment where you have become accustomed to this employment form.

4. Skills development and support

In the long term you will receive a skills development plan with training stages that will enable you to reach your individual goals. Just as in any other fixed employment, you will have a manager (or coach) who will continuously give you feedback and conduct development interviews. You will also enjoy good career opportunities, and it will not be unusual for your work tasks to change and develop over time.
For example, an IT consultant may start as a junior developer, but go on to work as a senior and then advance further into a management role. A very normal development curve over a five year period!