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    Three ways to maximize the value of a talent provider

    Here are the three approaches which definitely help you on your way as a consultant.

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    Three consultant chores you wish you could avoid

    Three consultant chores you wish you could avoid

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    The Swede who is part of Equinor's journey towards digital leadership

    The job consists of contributing to Equinor’s journey towards the goal of becoming a digital leader in the oil and gas industry.

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    What's your chances of winning assignments?

    When you are new as a consultant or a freelancer, it is so important to present yourself in the right way to customers and potential clients. Learn how!

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    Common mistakes made by consultants

    Here are four common mistakes which new consultants often make - and tips on how to avoid them in the future!

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    How to succeed as a consultant without your own contact network

    A wide network is for many consultants key to winning new assignments. However, success as a consultant is more reliant on the right relations rather than many contacts.

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    Why a consultant supplier is not a gatekeeper

    If you own your own business as a consultant or a freelancer, a consultant supplier like Ework is primarily an asset, rather than a gatekeeper.

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    Modify your resume to match your dream assignment in five easy steps

    Even if you do not have long experience as a consultant, it is important to have a resume to fall back on, that represents you in the best possible way.

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    Unsure of how to promote yourself?

    Being able (and daring) to sell yourself is key to success as a consultant. This is how you widen your network, get new clients and develop your potential.

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    4 advantages of working for an independent talent provider

    Advantages of working for a consultancy company

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