Why a consultant supplier is not a gatekeeper

Have you worked with the same clients and projects for several years now? Do you feel that you might be in a rut and no longer making progress? If so, now is the time to think afresh and achieve new results. Here's why a consultant supplier could be the way forward.

If you have worked for a consultant supplier, you will know that it is common to have intermediaries in contracts between you and the client. In many cases, the discussion about prices is the decisive factor why many choose to establish direct contact with an employer. A fair reward for one's work is often one of the most important things when you run your own business - and no-one wants to risk losing large sums to an intermediary with no relevant function.

The idea that all consultant suppliers are the same kind of bottleneck in relation to clients has long been assumed, wrongly so!

The market requires cooperation between consultants and consultant suppliers.

Market prices have long been a result of competition between clients and employers - which naturally lowers the end price, affecting you as a consultant. This is a market development which now requires better cooperation between consultants and consultant suppliers in order to meet clients' needs, but without compromising quality and value.

A valuable supplier between you and the client is gold.
If you own your own business as a consultant or a freelancer, a consultant supplier like Ework is primarily an asset, rather than a gatekeeper. Instead of being an unnecessary intermediary, Ework takes the role of an indispensable doorway to the client, which comes with many advantages.

Running your own business involves being your own boss, salesforce and marketing manager, all at the same time. When you are fully booked with projects, you rarely have the extra time and energy for networking and chasing future assignments. Doing a good job "here and now" is quite simply a higher priority than looking for new customers. This is one of the reasons why many stay with the same employer for longer than desirable, as they have not managed to create relations with other players in the sector due to the lack of time. And it's not just lack of time which can cause problems when seeking new assignments: you also need to have a knowledge of how to reach the right contacts in new sectors.

Here, a consultant supplier is a an invaluable resource, by facilitating meetings between you and the client - from identifying assignments to signing a contract. The supplier often has information about future assignments, and an insight into which clients and sectors are relevant for you. In other words they give you the potential to win new assignments which you would have difficulty finding on your own.

Many options and a wide range of projects.

Once you are linked to a consultant supplier, you automatically gain access to a number of different options within different sectors, different project types and a wider spectrum of roles. As well as this, you gain an improved opportunity to control your own time, to be more choosy and to select the offers which suit you best at the time.

Meanwhile, the consultant supplier has excellent cooperation with the client, which makes things even easier for you. You are free from the burden of difficult negotiations with the client, if there is any muddle over the contract or payment, for instance.

Once you are linked to a consultant supplier such as Ework you are freer to administer your own working hours and leisure time - for real!