The Swede who is part of Equinor's journey towards digital leadership

It was love that first brought software developer and Dotnet specialist Magnus Karlsson to Stavanger, but it is the consultant assignment at Equinor through Ework that has kept him there. The job consists of contributing to Equinor’s journey towards the goal of becoming a digital leader in the oil and gas industry. “It is a stimulating assignment where I get to apply my knowledge in the area, while learning new things in a creative team,” he comments.

Karlssons curiosity in new situations is boundless

 Having grown up in Södertälje and with a master’s degree in electrical engineering, the step may seem far to Stavanger and a consultant assignment that is based on making information more efficient and available by storing it in the cloud. But Magnus Karlsson says that although it may be by chance that he is now working in this special discipline, his interest in technology has always been extensive, and his curiosity in new situations boundless. “When I was ten, my mother asked me what I wanted to be. I immediately pointed to the remote control for the TV and said that I wanted to develop those,” he says and laughs.
The dream of developing remote controls has now evolved into becoming a cog in the wheel of Equinor’s ambitious digitisation plans. Equinor, formerly Statoil, is not only one of the Nordic region’s largest companies, it has also announced ambitious plans to become a leader in the development of digital services. A sevenyear cooperation agreement with Microsoft was made public in 2018, designed to accelerate the development of specific services for the energy industry, including a more rapid transition to cloud services.
It's about constantly Learning new things
“The rapid development of technology is generating new opportunities and it is gratifying to be able to help companies and organisations utilize these opportunities as a way of ensuring a more efficient and a more competitive business,” says Magnus Karlsson. “It suits me perfectly to work as a consultant as I can apply the knowledge I have built up in software and Dotnet development since I graduated ten years ago, while constantly learning about new things and new business sectors,” he continues.
And despite the fact that Magnus Karlsson’s principal reason for moving to Stavanger is no longer in the picture, i.e. the girlfriend, he is thriving in his adopted city. “Stavanger has an international character with all the foreign companies based here, and a good selection of restaurants and nightlife, while the natural environment is fantastic and there is a wealth of opportunities for outdoor activities. I appreciate this,” he says.
From annual report 2018 Ework / Footnote: Magnus Karlsson has been hired by Ework from Computas, one of the leading IT consultancy companies in Norway, with core competence within systems development, architecture and integration, while many of the assignments are undertaken in the public sector.