Modify your resume to match your dream assignment in five easy steps

Even if you do not have long experience as a consultant, it is important to have a resume you can always fall back on - and one in which represents you in the best possible way. Not least when that dream assignment finally makes an appearance! Here are five recommendations for a competitive resume!

1. Develop a basic resume

A firm foundation to stand on is a necessary starting point for adapting your resume (CV) to the dream assignment. Download a template you are happy with and develop a "basic CV" in which you bring together all your previous assignments, positions, experience, skills and other relevant qualities which represent the real you.

Make sure you maintain a chronological order and the same structure throughout the CV - and avoid gaps in your history (it's annoying to have to explain these later).

2. Adjust to your client's request

Starting with your basic CV, you can then adapt your applications to each client request - by emphasizing, removing or adding items, as relevant to the specific assignment. Never just submit your CV as it is! Just including your own details could mean you miss relevant information in the request which will be of vital importance for winning the assignment. On the other hand, a CV which covers too much ground will make it even harder for the reader to work out why you would be best for the assignment in question. You might be unlucky enough to be discarded immediately - just because of the number of pages!

3. Describe matters which match the assignment

Basing yourself on the client request means above all emphasizing the aspects which you can see match the assignment - while excluding matters of no importance! Highlight your experience in the specific sector or similar projects. Specify your particular skills within the area, and describe how and in what situations you have exhibited the qualities being demanded. Read the assignment description down to the smallest detail and do not be afraid to include a few extra lines about a previous assignment you really feel could be of significance!

4. Be careful with keywords

To really make an impression with your CV on anyone who reads it, it is of the utmost importance that you optimize it for search words. For example, if there is a requirement for "emobility processes" in the assignment request - you must write this word for word in your application (naturally assuming you have some experience of it!). Never assume that people will understand what you mean, but match the keywords in the advert with your own CV. Remember, you will be passing through many administrative layers - a person who does not work in your area will probably not know as many synonyms as you do!

5. Update your CV for every change

To make sure your CV is in prime condition for every assignment you want to apply for, it is a good idea to make a habit of updating it to accord with each change in your working life. Have you taken an online course? Been awarded a certificate? Shifted job tasks in the middle of a project or suddenly been given personnel responsibility? Include it in your CV straightaway - otherwise you might forget to do so later. In this way, you will always have the latest information about yourself, ready to cut and paste into every adapted CV in the future.