Three ways to maximize the value of a talent provider

Are you on the lookout for the really exciting jobs and wondering how a talent provider can help? Here are three approaches which will definitely help you on your way!

Here are the three approaches which definitely help you on your way as a consultant 

1. Exploring in depth a vast range of clients and assignments.

A talent provider can give you unlimited access to a wealth of jobs from many large and exciting customers. It is not unusual for suppliers to receive several client inquiries every month - all available for you. As a junior consultant, you will often not have a large network of your own when you start work, but that, need not hold you back. Establishing client contacts takes a long time, so that is another advantage of involving a talent provider in the process. Once you have won an assignment, the talent provider will also conduct the dialogue between you and the client and help you draw up a contract in which everything is correctly set.

2. Sharpening your profile to increase your chances of winning assignments.

When you are new as a consultant or even a freelancer, it is so important to present yourself in the right way to customers. And here too, a talent provider can help! A really good consultant profile enhances your chances of winning the jobs you dream of. A consultant profile differs slightly from a CV, as it is often slightly more fact-based. Your profile will include both your skills and a list of projects and jobs you have carried out. A high-quality CV and a succinct introduction can help you compete even with senior consultants who have more experience of similar projects than you have. The talent provider's specialists will help you find the right balance in your profile and adapt the right keywords and phrases which customers are used to reading and expect to see.

Experience is important, but not everything. Highlighting one's skills in the right way is just as valuable. Both personality tests and cognitive tests can help you develop a good consultant profile - and in many cases you can take these free of charge through the talent provider. From the results and analysis of your tests, you can then present your unique strengths in your profile - which will make it easier for you to be matched with a client, depending on their requirements.
For instance, if it is important to the client that you have a high ability to work independently, this might counterbalance four years of experience with a particular project tool. The right personality can be a strong competitive advantage.

3. Getting career advice and help from experts.

A third way of really maxing the value of a talent provider is to be open to advice about your career. Experts will be pleased to let you in on how the market works, and they have an acute understanding of which skills are in high demand right now. At the same time you have the opportunity to discuss the particular paths you ought to be focusing on, assuming you do not already have a favorite already. There are certain skills and areas of knowledge which were formerly popular among both customers and consultants, but which may no longer be worth pursuing. A supplier can help you identify these.
The experts will be pleased to provide tips about sectors, areas and customers which might be suitable for you - and enable you to develop your career as a consultant.