What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

What is an MSP? 
What problems can it solve and when is it the right solution for you?  
We dig into the topic to explain what an MSP is and what we provide when we act as one. 

An MSP, Managed Service Provider, is a service for companies that wants to have a partner that can help them to hire and recruit talents and con tingent workforce. If you need a bulk of contingent workforce and professionals in your operations, an MSP can be the solution to your worries. With an MSP you get control over your costs and can efficient ly manage your contingent workforce.    

Making sure you have the skills you need 

An MSP works for your company so that you can have a steady source of skills and talents. For a larger company it can be quite time-consuming, bringing a great deal of hustle when handling a large scale of contingent workers. You need to make sure you find the right skills, make sure they have the right insurance, do background checks, handle invoicing, and keep up with rules and legislation. 

An MSP does all that for you so you can handle your core business. In this way an MSP can save you money, make you more efficient and create a continuous flow of the skills and talents you need for your future success. 
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What do you need to consider? 

If you are looking to outsource your skills supply chain, there are a few things to take into consideration. First, set a list of your demands: What do you need help with? What is important for you? Do you need add-on services?  
Look at different suppliers and make comparisons. Ask to see reference cases and make them give a structure of what they want to implement and why. Choosing the right partnership when it comes to MSP is important and you want to make sure you get it right.

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To have a successful relationship with an MSP, you must realize that some things must be in place at your company and that you need to get the organization onboard. It is going to take some effort from the people at your company so it is important to make sure early on that they understand why you are outsourcing this function and how it will be prosperous for your company.  

So how does it work and how do we at Ework serve as an MSP? 

At Ework we serve as an MSP to many clients, and we tailor every partnership to meet our clients needs. It does not matter if you need 100 professionals or 500, we will create a solution that best fits your needs.  

We work as a procurement department and will help you be more cost-efficient and relieving you from many administrational and time-consuming tasks. We have our own Vendor Management System Verama and a network of around 100,000 consultants, primarily in IT and Tech. This way we can make sure that we always have access to the best skills. If you want to, and have the need for, you can also tailor the VMS for your own need by including different suppliers, and current processes that you want to keep. 

Ework has a leading position in the market and strives not only to provide you with relevant talents, but we lead transformation and always aim to not only manage but enhance and enrich ours and your business. 

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