Ework’s Managed Solutions can contribute long-term value

Many companies choose to outsource the routine management of their base of professionals for reasons of cost and efficiency. The client’s own procedures are perhaps not fully designed for this, or lack a central overview of how many professionals are in the organization. Ework Group’s Managed Solutions can contribute by creating long-term value through an independent holistic approach.  

When a large number of professionals have been hired, the need for support in managing, for example, queries, work orders, timesheets, and invoicing often arises. Managed Services’ solutions make it possible for companies to fully outsource these business processes to Ework. The market for these types of services has grown rapidly in recent years, especially in the small to medium business and public sector segments. Of the agreements that Ework signed in 2022, entirely new clients who had not previously procured these services accounted for around two thirds of the volume. 

High growth in Denmark 

Growth was particularly high in Denmark, where Managed Services won several major assignments from known companies through client referrals. A clear focus on delivery based on a strong network helped to win the business. One of the companies Ework Group welcomed in Denmark in 2022 was Grundfos. Grundfos is the world’s largest manufacturer of water pumps, promoting water flows around the globe. Grundfos delivers clean water to citizens in countries that previously had few or no opportunities for this. When Grundfos chose Ework, it was crucial that we were able to offer a supply chainbased MSP solution to secure the need for global talent. One success factor in Ework’s service offering was the team’s humanistic perspective on processes and administration for driving change. With its global reach, Ework was able to identify skills in both Eastern Europe and Asia. Identifying and attracting talent efficiently, and from a global perspective, are areas where Ework has been able to add great value. 

A talent partner for HR  

The trend toward an increasingly mobile talent market creates a need for navigational support among purchasers of professional services. With its extensive network, Ework is one of the operators that knows the professional market in Sweden the best. Ework’s knowhow rests on information such as the market data that is routinely generated via the company’s network platform concerning, for example, demand and pricing in various skills areas. From a client perspective, Ework’s years of experience and best practice in relation to talent supply is appreciated. Based on its strong position, Ework is well placed to advise the companies’ HR divisions regarding talent supply. To further strengthen its position as an adviser and partner in the field of talent supply, the plan is to increase the automation and scalability of the operation. As a next step, there are good possibilities for advancing these positions in order to take overall responsibility for the client’s talent and skill supply regardless of the form of employment and assignment.  

“In a booming business cycle, the shortage of talent is a driving force, whereas in a recession it is savings and efficiency improvements. Our ability to be a partner in both up- and downswings is a crucial reason for choosing our Managed Services solutions.” Karin Antonsson, Head of Service Lines 

Added value for partners and professionals  

Ework’s network – both professionals and consultancies – has free access to all client inquiries via Ework Group’s open platform. Accordingly, they do not need to have their own sales organization, nor will they need to negotiate with a client. Using Ework’s place in the middle of the value chain, the company can create value for both clients and professionals. From previously having provided support primarily in the form of consolidation of suppliers of professionals and of purchasing, Ework – with its higher level of competitiveness – is increasingly part of solving real societal challenges. Ework is thereby also becoming a partner in the market that is increasingly difficult to replace.